Ep172-It's a Roundup

Another month away, another month of thinking, "Am I alone in this?!" by our hosts and loyal listeners. Nikki needs a breath of fresh air after "Hal" leaves her unhinged. Anna's run in with the police furthers the argument for body cams. And, Allie, a loyal listener, is our Verdatem guest star.

We can't make this shit up, even though we're the most creative ladies you'll ever meet. 

Ep153-What's My Age Again?

What is age but a number... everyone can apparently fabricate. While the rest of us get older, including Stanley (HBD!), Nikki magically gets younger. Meanwhile, we've got the final four in the Playoffs... that means opinions and gambling. 

PSA: We just want to say that sometimes LWB's half-informed reporting can lead to real change. So, be sure to tune in every week to stay fully abreast(s) of all breaking news. #Davenport4Life