Father Time (Ep45)

Nikki's Mutilated Passport Photo (Ep41)

Winnebago Road Trip (Ep38)

Nikki & Anna in Their "Viking Horns" (Ep36)

Stanley in Stars & Stripes (Ep22)

Anna's Can of Whoop Ass (Ep16)

Heartfelt Thank You Letter to Nigel (Ep16)

Stanley in a Bowtie for the Derby (Ep13)

Nikki's Top 5 Males 60+ (Ep10)

#5 Bryant Gumbel

#4 Al Gore

#3 Mark Harmon

#2 Michael Keaton

#1 Sean Connery

Honorable Mention: Al Roker

Anna's Top 5 Males 60+ (Ep9)

#5 Harrison Ford

#4 Kevin Costner

#3 Richard Gere

#2 Tom Brokaw (could fall asleep to that voice)

#1 Joe Maddon

Men's Leather Duster (Ep9)

Panda Goes Pop (Ep9)

Nikki's New Man (Ep8)

His name is Stanley. He's the only dude allowed to lick Nikki's feet. 

Nikki's Badger Leggings (Ep6)

Super cool, but when wearing please beware dudes who want to touch/snap them. Get your own pair here, and tell them Last Week's Ball's Podcast sent you. It will do absolutely nothing to mention that, but go ahead and do it and maybe they'll send us a thank you card or something. 


Nikki & Anna's Tourney Picks (Ep5)

They each filled these out separately. Yet they both chose a red pen and chose MSU to win it all. Typical bestie sitch. Take a look but please use with caution.

Nikki's Tourney Picks


Anna's Tourney Picks


Uncle Anthony (Ep5)

Kansas' Wayne Selden Jr's Uncle. A new clock for every game. We just love everything bout this. 


Iowa Head Coach Fran McCaffery (Ep4)

As Nikki said, he looks like "he might be sitting on a toilet" in this pic. We keep it classy here at LWB.