Ep173-Ichnusa Assembly

Ciao from Italia, Loyal Listeners! The ladies report from Europe, tanner than they’ve ever been, eating so much pizza they’ll need a break back home (for no more than 2 days). There’s been a conscious uncoupling, and some oddball interactions with functioning alcoholics and a guy who shares pictures on text like it’s Instagram.

It’s back to school as these broads head back to the US! Pop an Ichnusa and enjoy their version of Bey’s Homecoming, titled Assembly.

Ep172-It's a Roundup

Another month away, another month of thinking, "Am I alone in this?!" by our hosts and loyal listeners. Nikki needs a breath of fresh air after "Hal" leaves her unhinged. Anna's run in with the police furthers the argument for body cams. And, Allie, a loyal listener, is our Verdatem guest star.

We can't make this shit up, even though we're the most creative ladies you'll ever meet.